A Simple Solution


Now, how about this…..?

You’re a diabetic…if not, you probably are at risk…right.  The experts are drumming this into us constantly.  And you would be if you continue listening to the advice on offer.

Imagine…experts on how to avoid diabetes, actually promoting it….you too can become a diabetic…proves they are RIGHT, we are in the midst of a diabetes epidemic.

Whilst nothing you have read or heard is quite wrong…at best it is a half-truth….. (and probably much less). 

But there is an alternative view…based on research, on sound research…where the right questions have been asked, and the right observations have been made…  These have then been tested on volunteers with amazingly spectacular results. 

And alas…. There is a simple solution…and YES a cure for diabetes, obesity, and at least 100 other conditions…. One that does not cost anything (you may even save some money)…. other than some time to get educated on the facts…the simple facts of……


Yes…I know you have heard all this before….

But I have been researching this area for the last 18 years…..I have discovered aspects that you will have never encountered before, reasons why the Preservative story is so poorly understood, why it is so readily dismissed…..

I have seen diabetics cured ….throw out the tablets,….I have even succeeded in reducing the insulin requirements of Type I and Type II diabetics by as much as 80% (from ~150u per day to ~30units per day).  I am confident of getting this down to 0units….but it is difficult and I know why….and I’ll tell you…

Weight can be shed off and you can eat more freely and in greater quantities.  You’ll feel 10-20 years younger, and your doctor will remark on how your health checks resemble you from 10-20 years ago.  “How did you do it?”…..  And…you’ll be able to tell him/her.  In fact you’ll be calling it out from every rooftop in the land for all to hear.

But remember it may take a few months to get your body cleansed of the preservatives and for your body, your mind, your new life to awaken.

And wait there is more…. (just like those ads…but on this occasion this is no gimmick)

As I have said Preservatives are associated, in my estimate (through my research) with over 100 ailments.  Preservatives are a drug…and like all drugs…. they have many different potential side-effects….  Why some are afflicted by some and not others remains a mystery…..

And…many of these preservatives also appear to have addictive properties.

If this is so true….why has it taken so long to tell this story….

Well...I have tried….

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Dr. Socrates Angelides

Please Note:  This advice is general and may not apply to everybody. Please contact me for further information.

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