For Now...


Through frustration and not knowing what other means to employ, I have decided upon releasing a book early in 2011, which outlines these claims in a way that I doubt any other person (or institution…no matter how renowned) on this planet can match and substantiate.  (Details will be published on this website in due course.)

I ask that persons avoid Preservatives all together.....this is not necessary in all individuals but for simplicity sake, I ask that there is complete abstinence from any intake of PRESERVATIVES.

Please record your experience and forward this to me ( ….I hope to generate enough ground-swell so as to bring the issue to the forefront of public health….

There are many other, as yet undisclosed, controversies which will shake the foundations of medicine….and these will be released in due time.

But one step at a time…. 

For now it is simply…..



Tell your Family and Friends……

Dr. Socrates Angelides

Special Thanks, to my supportive family - Evie Angelides, Semela Angelides, Elena Angelides, Helen Angelidis and Nick Angelidis

Please Note:  This advice is general and may not apply to everybody.

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