My Personal Story


I am a doctor….and yet despite numerous attempts… the concept that preservatives can cause so many ailments is scornfully ignored, by my colleagues….in preference for conventional theories (note theories…not FACTS….theories that are blatantly flawed….and that’s why there has been such little impact).

The advice I have been given is that I need to publish….but the criticism is that my data is dubious.  Ultimately it is my word against theirs.

The findings are largely observational….as an independent doctor / researcher working on my own, in my own time, and with my own money, without the support from any university or other scholarly research centre of excellence…my observations must be flawed…they are probably fabrications… their argument!

But I have tested my observations and the outcomes are unequivocal….eliminate PRESERVATIVES from your diet to reclaim your health.

The media also appear equally hesitant at embracing this concept…..

How ironic, politicians (current and ex-), sports stars, movie stars, models, professors, business executives and others peddle half truths, which often put person’s lives at risk…and that is fine.

But, when the whole truth comes along…un-adulterated and more complete than ever…it is questioned…it is ridiculed….it is ignored.

I understand the need for caution…I am the first to say that not all is known about preservatives…they may even be some unknown benefits to taking them…

But I am an experienced researcher, who has put in the long hard yards….but I can’t sell the idea!!. 

The experts lack the vision and the insight…yet I am laden with the problem!

I am holding onto something grand…I can see it but they can’t…..and they must be right…Since when has vision been the exclusive domain of the so-called experts, with strings of letters before and after their names.  Maybe they aren’t experts as they would have us believe.

I have endured immense professional loss as a result of my claims….

But I know I am right…..

And, I need you’re help…

Dr. Socrates Angelides

Page Last Updated: 9/7/11