Problem With Preservatives


Preservatives contribute to scores of diseases.  In some cases preservatives appear to be the actual cause of the disease, whilst in other cases, it increases the likelihood of    developing the ailment.

Preservatives can be implicated in almost all diseases.  This claim may at first, imply that I may be a bit loopy.  But, a little consideration of the epidemiology of disease and preservative consumption as well as the probable mechanisms of action of preservatives, clearly indicates a link.  For example, whilst preservatives are responsible for the obesity epidemic seen across the globe, they are also highly likely to be contributing to anorexia nervosa.  The incidence of both conditions has steadily grown in a similar pattern, albeit that obesity is by far the more common problem.

Preservatives appear clearly to be involved in the development (but not necessarily the cause) of such cancers as melanoma, colorectal carcinoma, esophageal carcinoma, ......  Even lung cancer is more likely to be due to preservatives than nicotine or other chemicals.  The research on cigarette smoking has been flawed.  More on this in future upgrades....

Preservatives appear to be contributing to depression, and dementia, to vascular disease and heart disease.  If you are suffering from shortness of breath and a clear cause cannot be found by your doctor, you may be suffering from diastolic dysfunction (a fancy term describing an inability of your heart (and blood vessels) to relax between contractions).  Eliminate preservatives from your diet and you should notice a difference within about a month.

Headaches, including migraines, liver conditions and particularly NASH hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome are clearly made worse with preservatives. 

Infertility causes tremendous grief to couples and their extended families.  We hear of numerous excuses as to why couples are infertile.  Women are leaving motherhood to a later time in their lives is commonly proclaimed as one such reason.  It is next to impossible to fall pregnant beyond the age of 40 is another.  Yet, many can recall mum or dad talking about a grandmother or great grand mother that gave birth at the age of 45 or beyond.  Are we dismissing the problem of infertility in older women of child-bearing age too easily?  Is this another example of overlooking the probable deleterious effects of preservatives?

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is another cause of infertility.  This is linked to obesity, diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome....and PRESERVATIVES are clearly involved.

Dr. Socrates Angelides

Please Note:  This advice is general and may not apply to everybody. Please contact me for further information.

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