Preservatives and Your Health


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This webpage aims to highlight the detrimental effects of preservatives on health. Over 200 conditions, including obesity and diabetes are directly or indirectly caused by preservatives in the diet. The results from world-leading research conducted by Socrates Angelides and his team from Sydney Australia will be posted on this website.

Navigate through this site to find out how preservatives specifically impact your health and to find out what you can do to help the cause! The more stories we can amass about preservatives harming our bodies, the more pressure we can apply on the authorities. Sooner or later they will HAVE to listen...

Preservatives cause disease and you can help!....

7/7/11 - More youtube clips have been uploaded. The latest clips are on Preservatives & Diabetes, Preservatives & Children and Preservatives & Mental Health Have a look to find out more! Youtube clips will be uploaded each week with further information on the progress of the research.

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