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So why do we continue to poison ourselves with preservatives, particularly as often there is little reason for adding them to our diet?

Attempts to get articles published in the so-called peer-reviewed scientific medical journals is difficult.  However this is not that appears most great discoveries are discredited for incredibly long periods of time before being accepted.  Science is often no more than the art of priding oneself of forcing two sides of a triangle into a circle.

Recently I had an article rejected by one of the leading medical journals.  Whilst, I clearly indicated to the editor that the paper was rather casually written, and that this would be addressed once he / she offered advice regarding the preferred format of the paper, it was dismissed outright.  I am awaiting a response from another medical journal.

The paper outlines the positive effects of completely eliminating preservatives from the diet on blood sugar levels, blood pressure, lipid profiles and weight in two insulin-dependent diabetics.  When re-challenged with the most miniscule amounts of preservatives these benefits were largely lost.

The real issue is PRESERVATIVES.  So many so-called experts and gurus are pushing ill-founded claims.  “....Avoid processed food..., limit your intake to tiny amounts.”  Are they implying we eat with a microscope? 

Diets are difficult to stick to.  No wonder so many fail.  Most of us want to eat cakes, biscuits and pizzas....and we can....provided preservatives are avoided.  Why ban all processed food?

We all enjoy food, and we enjoy the pleasure of eating out with our loved ones?  But, ask anyone who is trying to stick to so many of the recommended diets how hard this is!  AND, it is unnecessary.  You can eat more by eating less...



ONE, look after ourselves.....eliminate preservatives from your diet.  If your healthy, even marked reductions in the quantities of these chemicals in your diet will greatly benefit you. 

If you unfortunately suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, lung disease, depression and other mental disorders, bowel and liver conditions, infertility, headaches, osteoporosis, and / or...... you will also benefit from this simple adjustment in your diet.

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TWO, tell your family and friends.....


THREE, tell me on ( and relay your story.  The more positive stories we can amass the more pressure we can apply on the authorities.  Sooner or later they will HAVE to listen...

Dr. Socrates Angelides